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Use the form below to register for this year's Laugh training. If you have additional questions about Laugh training, scroll further down the page for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before I show up?

Please register with LAUGH using the register button on this page. This will ensure you receive our weekly recap for our training program and stay connected all summer long!

What if I miss a Monday night or two?

We have ladies coming in and out all summer long - vacations, illnesses, life... it happens! Come when you can and you are ALWAYS welcome! Our training calendar is on our website so you can stay current on the training schedule if you need to miss!

What does LAUGH training look like?

We will start promptly at 7:30pm with an inspiration speaker or devotion. We will share the weekly training tip, discuss the week's training tip, discuss the week's training schedule and then head out to the beautiful trails in Texas Township. We will move our bodies for about 25 minutes and then you are free to head home or stick around for some further LAUGHs!

Are you sure you will have a place for me?

Yes! We will have a place for your pace! Form the parking lot to many different trails, our leaders are ready for you!

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes - shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes. We will sweat a little bit. We will LAUGH a lot! Be comfortable!!

What if weather is less than perfect?

No matter the weather forecast, heat index or storm, we will meet! We may change things up, but we will move our bodies.

How much does training cost?

LAUGH summer 5K training is FREE. We sell LAUGH fun and unique apparel during the season to help cover our costs. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and accept donations through our website.

How do I find the right pace for training?

Training at the correct pace is so important so that you stay healthy and feel encouraged. Please register what type of group you would like to be placed in and then to ensure that you are placed in the right pace group, the first night of LAUGH we will have a field test. You alway s have the flexibility to move groups during the season if you need to.

My daughter loves to run, can I bring her?

This night is for YOU! It's one night a week to concentrate on yourself. You will have walks/runs throughout the week to build your endurance - those times are perfect opportunities to take your younger daughter. With that said, if you daughter is high school age or older and can claim her own LAUGH journey, we welcome her!