Meet Jen

jenJen is the heart and soul of LAUGH. She is a woman who listens to the whispers and nudges of God and then is fearlessly obedient. She has a heart and passion to help women embrace the concept that they are more than their circumstances. They are more than what they are dealing with. Jen lives and breathes this philosophy and leads by example. She is our LAUGH CEO.

Jen’s genuine smile permeates the love of Christ to anyone who meets her. She exudes a warmth and an air of encouragement that speaks to the inner most places of women. She knows the importance of authentic community and strives to create an atmosphere through LAUGH where women are being embraced, encouraged and equipped to carry this movement to their realms of responsibilities.

Jen is a co-founder of LAUGH, a former Interior Designer, the “Can Do” woman behind our LAUGH website and an incredible mom to her three kids. She has been married to her Superman for 23 years.

Meet Melia

melia-2Melia has a contagious smile and a passion to embrace, encourage and equip women to fully grasp who God created them to be. Her authenticity and ability to “be real” through sharing her own journey – including the mistakes, struggles and victories – reaches individuals from all different walks of life and offers hope through the precious love of Christ.

Melia exudes joy and is often found laughing and brightening someone’s day by a humorous/embarrassing experience that she has had – lovingly referred to as “Melia-isms”. She utilizes humor to make women feel at home and understand that laughter is food for your soul.

Melia’s wide range of professional experience allows her to deliver messages in a unique and personal way. She is a co-founder of LAUGH, a former police officer and now teaches Special Education. She is a mother of two amazing pre-teens and a wife to a hero in blue.

Meet Lindsey

lindseyLindsey has a warmth that exudes from her and is evident in all aspects of her life and within LAUGH. She shares her heart with authenticity and a deep honesty that reaches and embraces all women. Her desire to give women a safe and encouraging atmosphere, where they feel accepted just as they are, is at the heart of LAUGH.

Lindsey has a gift for listening and truly hearing women. She has insight and depth in her soul that helps build the foundation of LAUGH and of relationships. She desires to help women feel connected with other women. She seeks to equip them to grasp how beautiful and amazing they are as individuals and as God’s children.

Lindsey is a co-founder of LAUGH. She is a former Children’s Ministry Director, and is now the Director of Operation at her church where she uses her amazing skills daily. A wife and a mother to two fantastic kids, Lindsey keeps everyone moving forward, connecting and growing in their journeys.

Meet Leone

leoneLeone has a quiet, gentle spirit that is continually ensuring the overall wellbeing of our LAUGH leadership. She is a wonderful sounding board and an amazing listener, always ready to offer wisdom and support our LAUGHers in their overall health journey. A RN by trade, she has a natural depth of caring that goes beyond surface level and nurtures the soul.

Leone is a breath of fresh air with her ability to speak the truth in love. Her deep faith and love for the Lord shines through in her words and her deeds. She is a prayer warrior for our LAUGH board and covers us with eloquence and honesty as she seeks God’s guidance for us.

Leone has a servant’s heart and has taken on the role of treasurer for LAUGH. She is the go to person for our LAUGH Spirit Shop sales and our seasonal wear. She is organized like no other and we would be lost without her.

Leone and her husband Scott are enjoying empty nesting as their five children have all graduated college and have started lives of their own. She enjoys being a grandma to her two adorable grandkids.

Meet Koti

koti-1Koti has an amazing “get it done” attitude. She is fearless and phenomenal, all wrapped up into one package. She will take on any task and work endlessly until it is completed. She sees a need within LAUGH and immediately starts figuring out how we can best accomplish it.

Koti is the creativity and humor behind our media memes. She knows the power of reaching women outside of our everyday lives through media and has a heart to get the message of LAUGH out there. She exudes the essence of LAUGH and will readily share her testimony with others.

Koti’s laugh and smile light up even the darkest room. She is a tender-hearted woman of God who continually seeks to serve Him and others through her love language of service. She serves LAUGH as our Secretary and keeps us as organized and on task as six women can be.

Koti has been married to her hubby for 12 years and is the mother of three awesome kids who keep her constantly on the move.

Meet Katie

katieKatie has been a gift given to us by God. She is a regular rock star in our minds. Katie is a cross country coach for a local college and a former race coordinator for a local sports store. Her knowledge and wisdom of “all things running and event planning” is irreplaceable for our LAUGH board. She is our go to gal for our LAUGH training tips and plays a pivotal role in the training aspect of LAUGH.

Katie has a funny, quiet spirit that shows itself through facial expressions and short one liners. She is always willing to give something a try and being the youngest of our board, we are quick to put this willingness to work. From stretching demonstrations to talks on chaffing, she is always up for the task.

Katie is an avid runner and health activist. She serves as LAUGH’s Training Liaison. She is often found taking her adorable pup Koko out for an activity or cozying up in one of her beautiful knit blankets.