Our Story

Life is tough! Life is busy! As women, (we forget that) we can’t pour over our realms if we have nothing to pour out. LAUGH, Ladies Actively Understanding Godly Health, fills you up with the Truth about whose you are and who you were designed to be so that you can find your vibrant life, right here, right now!

LAUGH is a place where you will be embraced, encouraged and equipped to understand just how amazing you truly are. We place high value in Acceptance – no matter where you have been or are in your journey, Authenticity – being real in our words and actions, Encouragement – coming alongside you and cheering you on in your journey, and Community – because together we are better!

290439_10150256559829022_2395197_oLAUGH was created by three women who are (were) just like you; Busy, imperfect, insecure and often exhausted – trying to be the best moms, wives, women we can be. We started to understand that God created us to be so much more than what our current circumstances were. We knew that unless we took the time to strengthen ourselves from the inside out, we would continue to feel rundown by the lives we lead as women. We began to discover that our overall health started inside with our mind and spirit and flowed outward to our physical health, eventually pouring out over our realms of responsibility. Upon grasping this, we started to be able to physically do way more than we knew ourselves capable of. While strengthening our bodies, God also strengthened our minds and our spirits, as we relied on Him to push us beyond ourselves.

LAUGH was a whisper and a nudge by God for us to go beyond ourselves and help other women live the vibrant life He created for each of us to live, right here and right now! We are so glad you have chosen to LAUGH with us because life is definitely better when you’re LAUGHing!