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What an amazing night at our LAUGH 2017 kick-off! From the unbelievably perfect weather to the smiles and beauty of each one of you that attended, our cups were overflowing! It takes a large team of leaders to pull-off such a big event week to week. LAUGH would not be possible without our leaders and we wanted to share our LAUGH season kick-off from their perspective!

Brie started the conversation this morning by saying:

My cup is FULL!! Last night was so rewarding (and humbling). Some highlights:

*The woman with double hip arthritis and is allergic to the anti-inflammatory medication. And she tweaked her hip yesterday morning. BUT SHE WAS THERE!

*The woman who stopped attending in the middle of last year, but knew she needed to come back this year. She found a friend to join her and is committed to finishing this year! SHE WAS THERE!

*Minivan after minivan after car after SUV that kept pulling in with EMPTY car seats. I know that stage of life. I know the exhaustion and chaos and busyness. They brought tears to my eyes as I stood in the drive cheering them in because they found a way to make one hour work. THEY WERE THERE!

What stood out to you? What filled your cup?
Because I want to keep filling mine with more stories today!!


The lady who is post knee surgery and limping. SHE WAS THERE!

Her mom who is having hip problems and struggling. SHE WAS THERE!

Their friend who encouraged them both to come last night and they are all determined to “See this through for us”!

Yup- These ladies inspire me and make me cry.


The empty car seats – YES! Also, how many women came with a friend!


When Cara and I asked our walking team, who was new this year and they all raised their hands, I knew He was working! I was one of them last year and it was the most amazing experience I could have done for me! I’m proud to be a part of leading a team this year! Amen!


The one whose daughter had been trying to convince her to come since the first season–SHE WAS THERE, and brought friends. (She’s now in her daughter’s group. 😉 )

The one whose friend did it last year and convinced her to come, but then moved…and she came anyway.

The friend of mine who always told me about hearing from her daughter about it last year. SHE WAS THERE!


The lady who saw a flyer at Seelye and wanted to check it out. SHE WAS THERE!

The woman who is recovering from hip replacement and is walking to get active again. SHE WAS THERE!

The lady who had injuries a year ago and couldn’t walk and is now trying to walk slowly to strengthen her legs. SHE WAS THERE!

God is EVERYWHERE in this ministry.


On a personal level … last night was my first night ever! So, jumping in as a PTL was amazing!!!! I was unsure how this whole thing would come together with so many women! I wasn’t sure I wanted to not be in my jammies at 7:30 like I usually am after a long day. But, I was amazed … amazed at the smiles, the giggles, the look of perseverance of the women who were going to finish those 3 laps of the pace test and amazed of the feeling I got that I never want to miss one night! God is so good ladies. I had no idea what a beautiful & amazing group of ladies this would be. I am so excited! Wahoo!!!


The lady who came through last, and probably knew she would… SHE WAS THERE!

The pace group leader who ran next to her… SHE WAS THERE! (And I saw you, it warmed my heart)

The girl who doesn’t have many friends… SHE WAS THERE!

The girls who are counting down the end of the school year and just put in a full day with young students… SHE WAS THERE!

The girl who “sucks” at running but knows it’s good for her so one heavy foot after the

other she went… SHE WAS THERE!!!


The lady who had a 13 lbs. cancerous tumor removed from her abdomen 9 months ago…SHE WAS THERE!!!


My mother-in-law who knew NO ONE and is finishing her last days at school before retirement …SHE WAS THERE!!!


Our team of leaders who could say, “this is too much, it’s grown too large” and decide to end the program…. but they don’t. THEY ARE THERE. They smile and cheer and are genuinely excited. I’ve heard from some newbies today how impressed they are with how organized it was. That’s a great leadership team for ya!


The friend that was VERY nervous, thought she wouldn’t know anyone…SHE WAS THERE, and knew a few other ladies…and will be back!

The friend that was VERY nervous, thought she wouldn’t know anyone….SHE WAS THERE, and knew a few other ladies…and will be back!
I know it’s been said but it really stuck out to me, all the moms arriving with empty car seats! (I was one of them too!)


I absolutely love reading all of these today! Seriously ladies, tears at work because I am so grateful to be part of this amazing ministry!!!


The new PGL’s who were wondering what they’d gotten into..they were there; the women who were there on the recommendation of their daughters, they were there and the high school friends, supporting each other, they were there! Amazing women….ALL!!! Wonderfully blessed and amazing night!


All the woman who cut out of daily chores and maybe stayed up an hour later last night to get caught up were there! My stepmom who my sister-inlaw and I have been trying to get to come for 7 years was there!!!!
The woman who was car shopping at Seelye saw the flyer came and came by herself was there!!! I caught up with her after the walk pace test and she asked what group I was. I told her 8/blue. She said I am 9/red but I will be in your group before this is over ? Her determination is there!!!

I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this group.

Were you there?  Our goal is to embrace you, encourage you and equip you to

Live A Vibrant Life, Right Here, Right Now!

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