LAUGH 2017

Today, we kick off our LAUGH 2017 Summer Training – Press On!  We can’t wait to see those who are returning and meet those who are joining us for the first time!  You will be SO glad you came!  Our start time is 7:30.  We try to be very punctual because we know that you, like us, have plates that are overflowing and to get out for just that one hour takes a bit of maneuvering and planning.  With that in mind, to keep things on schedule, please plan to come a little early this week if at all possible.  We will be awaiting your arrival anytime after 7:00 and we will have you on your way home by 8:30 unless you want to stick around and chat.  Many of us love to just hang out with one another for a few, eat some fruit and commune with the Mosquitos!

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